Group Travel

Downeaster Travel Packages / North American Traveler loves groups of all sizes.

We work in many capacities to help group leaders, tour operators, travel agents and other businesses plan their travel arrangements and experiences throughout New England. There are many levels of service we provide. Here is a short list:


Arrive in Boston for a 2-night stay enjoying a trolley tour and exploring Boston’s many historic neighborhoods.


If you just need help planning various aspects of your visit, we will be happy to assist with transportation, tours, meals and activities.


We can help you plan a special event at many locations throughout Boston, The Maine Coast and other memorable spots around New England. When planning your group, we will manage all the details so that group leaders can spend more time enjoying their journey and less time planning it. Some of those details are:

Accommodation Selection, Site Visit and Negotiation

Let’s face it, where you stay is one of the most important decisions of any group travel package. Our knowledge and experience will help you select the perfect option. Once selected, we work with the property hand and hand to make sure every detail is managed from arrival to departure

Transportation Logistics

How you get where you need to go and what your group travels in is another important decision. Today there are many transportation options other than a traditional motorcoach. How you get around depends on factors like group size and distance. We take great pride and understanding what transportation options to offer groups. Our standards are very high when it relates to transportation. We always suggest forward facing vehicles, NO bench seating when possible and step on access. In Maine alone, we are contracted with 18 transportation providers so that we have every possible vehicle size, quality and style for our customers.


Dining Options

From lobster bakes to culinary creations, we work with our group leaders to select the best dining options based on budget. We will manage open bar requests, wine selection, boxed lunches, dinner cruises finale meal events or whatever we can dream up to satisfy your dining needs.


This is the FUN factor! Activities based on the demographics of the group will make sure lasting memories are created. Sightseeing, Wine or Beer Tours and activities, culinary twists, lobster cruises, cycling or how about skeet shooting? In Freeport, put on your best “I Love Lucy” hair cap and make a chocolate creation at Wilbur’s Chocolates of Maine.