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Five Instagram Accounts We Are Loving Right Now

May 9, 2018   //   by Paul O'Meara   //   Downeaster Packages Travel Blog

A picture is STILL worth a thousand words…and over a BILLION members of Instagram agree! But with so many accounts available – where do you start? We’d love for you to follow us (@DowneasterPackages) – but there are so many other fantastic follows. From a rolling boot right out of the imagination of a child to a comedic take on all things Maine to hundreds of amazing images from one of America’s most historic cities, here are five Instagram accounts we are loving right now…


1. Maine Sucks (@MaineSucks)

Don’t let the name fool you – this satirical account supports many of the state’s best photographers and businesses with fantastic high-res images and comedic commentary. From images of the Nubble Lighthouse (“looks like a 4 year old got bored halfway through his watercolor”) to Portland’s Old Port (“a rare look at the Old Port with plenty of parking”) to the image featured here (“standing up in a canoe will make you look really cool and definitely won’t end poorly”) – the only thing better than the commentary are the images. With almost 5,000 followers gained in short order, it’s time for you to join the party.


2. Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau (@VisitBoston)

Highlighting the very best of what’s happening in and around the Hub to its 40,000 + followers, the Boston CVB Instagram account is a MUST follow. With amazing, high-quality images of landmarks like Fenway Park, the Boston Public Garden, Faneuil Hall and Boston Harbor, it is easy to see why Boston is one of the most visited cities in the United States. Experience the city of land, sea, and air in this highly popular account.


3. Maine Magazine (@TheMaineMag

Curated by the staff at Maine magazine, Maine Home+Design, Old Port magazine, and Love Maine Radio, this account highlights some of the state’s finest locations, eats and shopping to its over 61,000 followers. Looking for an idea or two to help inspire wanderlust on your next trip to Maine? Interested in lots of images of photogenic lighthouses, perfectly fried seafood and quaint seacoast scenery, chances are you can find it here.



4. LL Bean Bootmobile (@BootMobile)

With over 10,000 followers, the Boot Mobile is surely the most popular boot on the roads today. Traveling the country searching out the very best in outdoor activities, the LL Bean Boot offers a glimpse into being a “Bean Outsider”. From the flagship location in Freeport, Maine to the newly opened megastore in the beautifully developed Seaport District of Boston, one of New England’s most recognizable brands offers tons to see and do – and a unique way to experience it all. Make sure to follow all of the “shoenanigans”. 


5. Amtrak Downeaster (@AmtrakDowneaster)

If you’re a fan of the train, we have the account for you to follow. Connecting Boston to Brunswick with stops in such New England favorites as Old Orchard Beach, Portland, and Freeport, the Downeaster account features some great images of staff and guests from aboard the train – and fantastic scenery through its picture windows. Whether you’re looking for a theater package in Boston, a dine and spa weekend in Portland or Kennebunkport or a simple, car-free way to get into Boston to see the Celtics on their amazing playoff run, the Downeaster Instagram account offers up terrific insider information for you.

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